Building blocks

LoRa, LoRaWAN and hardware


Are you new to the LoRa ecosystem? Have a look at our summary of the technology, comparison with other LPWANs, and discover LORIOT's role in the LoRa ecosystem.

Discover LoRa & LORIOT

LoRa Gateways

We always try to stay on top of the game, and integrate new gateways even before they are introduced on the market. You then have the freedom of choice - DIY with Raspberry Pi or OpenWrt, or get a ready-made box from of our partners. Check out our extensive portfolio of supported LoRa gateways.

LoRa gateways

LoRa End-nodes

Here you have a freedom of choice. Plenty of sensor devices, modules, modems and development kits. Any LoRaWAN 1.0 compliant devices can be used with our network, variety of implementations exits (by IBM, Semtech and other proprietary)

LoRa end-nodes

Technology Overview

Key features of our services and software

LoRaWAN Gateway management

LORIOT Network Server handles the complexity of secure provisioning and managing gateways for you. You can focus on the roll-out of your LoRaWAN network.

LoRaWAN End-device management

LORIOT Network Applications handle the complexity of secure provisioning and managing end-devices for you. You can focus on deploying your IoT application.

Scaling out horizontal scalability

Have you exhausted the capacity of your single server? Add a new one. LORIOT Network Server efficiently distributes work-load among any number of servers. With LORIOT you can easily scale to billions of devices and millions of gateways.

Scaling up vertical scalability

As you grow your network, just add more computing cores, more RAM and more storage to your machine. Our software will make efficient use of it and enable you to run a larger network. Start small and grow to large scale with LORIOT.


With LORIOT, failout of any server will not cause an outage of your IoT network. All resources are replicated in real-time, and there is no single point of failure. The replication factor can be tuned to your specific needs.


The success of Internet of Things depends on security. The combination of LoRaWAN dynamic AES128 end-device keys and TLSv1.2 transport on the network infrastructure guarantees your data is always secure with LORIOT - in both authenticity and privacy aspect.

Cloud ready

We are ready for modern cloud deployments. All our services are streamlined so that their deployment in heterogenous or complex backbone network architectures is as straight-forward as possible. This significantly shortens network deployment timeline and allows for leveraging existing cloud infrastructure (load balancers and optimizers).

Public cloud

Many of LORIOT customers just want to evaluate if LoRa / LoRaWAN is the proper technology. LORIOT Public Cloud is a perfect fit for such a trial. Sign up for evaluation account and your gateways and devices can be delivering data to your servers or your browser within minutes.


Every LORIOT account can host a number of Network Applications. These are Virtual Private LoRaWAN networks, running over the same physical infrastructure, with strong secure separation.

Flexible APIs

To accomodate the needs of virtually any IoT application, LORIOT Network Applications offer a number of ways to access your data. These include HTTPS/REST (Push or Pull), WebSocket, TLS socket, MQTT and CoAP.

3rd party integration

You don't need to spend any time developing application to access, visualize or process your data. We integrate a number of 3rd party IoT services out-of-the-box. These include PubNub, IBM Bluemix IoT or Only few simple configuration steps are required.

User interfaces

LORIOT software offers easy-to-use web browser interfaces for all network management functions. If you prefer to write your own UI, we offer a network management REST API that is as powerful as the user interfaces.

Runs on hardware

Do you just need a box that runs a LoRaWAN network? Easy. LORIOT Network Server will give you the capacity that your hardware can handle. In minimal setup, we need just a single computing core and a bit of RAM and storage.

Gateway HW agnostic

We supply our own binaries for the gateways. That's why we can work with just about any LoRa gateway out there. If your gateway has the SX1301 chip, we can make it work. Check out the list of gateways we have already integrated. We can also receive datta from the Semtech Packet Forwarder.

Building an end-to-end LoRaWAN Application