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LoRaWAN Network Server

The LoRaWAN® Network Server is the backbone of the LoRaWAN® architecture, responsible for managing secure and efficient communication between LoRaWAN® gateways, end-devices and application servers.

LoRaWAN®, short for Long Range Wide Area Network, is a wireless communication protocol specifically designed for low-power, long-range connectivity in IoT applications. To ensure the seamless flow of data between LoRaWAN gateways and end-devices, a LoRaWAN Network Server plays a vital role. Let's explore the significance of the Network Server and its fundamental tasks.

lorawan star topology

LoRaWAN sensors

LoRaWAN® sensor devices are compact IoT device designed to collect data from physical environment and transmit it efficiently within the LoRaWAN network. They guarantee reliability, robustness, low power consumptions and affordable costs. The mature LoRaWAN® ecosystem includes multiple hardware manufacturers and solution providers offering a wide variety of options in every industry and sector. Many use cases have already been extensively tested and have demonstrated significant returns on investment.

LoRaWAN Gateways

LoRaWAN® gateways act as intermediaries between the sensors and the LoRaWAN Network Server. They receive the data transmitted by the sensors over the long-range, low-power LoRaWAN® protocol and forward it to the LoRaWAN Network Server. Gateways are typically equipped with multiple channels to receive signals from different sensors simultaneously. They play a crucial role in extending the network coverage by receiving signals from sensors spread over a wide area.

LoRaWAN Network Server

The LoRaWAN® Network Server is responsible for managing the entire LoRaWAN® infrastructure. It receives the data packets forwarded by the gateways and performs tasks such as decryption, authentication, and routing. The Network Server ensures that the data reaches its intended destination by identifying the appropriate application server. It also manages the network's security aspects, including handling encryption keys and managing the registration and activation of devices.

Its primary tasks include authentication, security, and data routing. The Network Server authenticates and authorizes end-devices, ensuring only legitimate devices can connect to the network. It also handles data encryption and decryption, safeguarding sensitive information during transmission. Moreover, the Network Server optimize network resources and minimize latency. By effectively managing these tasks, the Network Server enables reliable and secure IoT connectivity at scale.

LORIOT LoRAWAN Network Server (LNS) is hardware independent abd support every LoRaWAN® Gateways and sensors in the market.

LoRaWAN Network Server - dashboard

Application server

The Application Server is a key component that interfaces with the LoRAWAN Network Server, enabling the processing and analysis of the collected data. It receives the data from the LoRaWAN Network Server and processes it according to the specific application requirements. This server is responsible for storing and analyzing the received sensor data, triggering relevant actions or generating notifications, and providing a user-friendly interface for the end-users to visualize and interact with the data. LORIOT LoRaWAN Network Server integrates all the main output formats and several IoT platforms.

LoRaWAN Network Server - Deployment Solutions

At LORIOT, we provide a comprehensive offering of the LoRaWAN Network Server, tailored to suit the specific needs of out customers. Whether they require a fully cloud-based solution, an on-premises deployment, or a hybrid environment, our flexible deployment models ensure maximum scalability, security, and reliability for all LoRaWAN-based IoT network.

In addition, our Network Management System provides both LoRaWAN® and mioty® capabilities allowing users to pick the comunication protocol that better fits their use cases or use a combination of the two technology for future-proof solutions.

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With our user-friendly dashboard and intuitive interface, anyone can effortlessly setup, manage and monitor LoRaWAN® networks, gain valuable insights, and unleash the full potential of large scale IoT applications.

Choose LORIOT as your trusted partner to embark on a transformative journey in the world of LoRaWAN, where reliability and efficiency converge to create limitless possibilities.

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