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Climate Resilience
as a Service

The 6th Censis Tech Summit

Climate Resilience
as a Service

Loriot Verso is the IoT Vertical Solutions division focused on Environmental Monitoring and Disaster Prevention

It's not only the world's climate that is changing; our entire environment is subject to constant change. As humans, we are a small part of this larger whole and must constantly adapt to changing conditions.
Natural disasters, such as extreme weather conditions, forest fires, or floods, present significant challenges for our society. By harnessing the latest IoT technologies and our expertise in the sector, we give the environment a voice, enabling a better understanding of natural hazards. This understanding allows us to predict and avoid these hazards, or to react quickly to minimize loss of life and reduce damages.

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IoT Environmental Monitoring

End-to-end solutions designed to measure and deliver key data on a range of environmental factors including climate & weather, soil, plants, air, water, light, and acoustics.

Our solutions allow independent data-driven Risk Assessments on environmental hazards — extreme weather, floods, fires, droughts, water shortage, earth movements, avalanches, pollution, and noise levels.

Solution Architecture

Measuring & Collecting

We use high-tech sensor technology to capture critical environmental parameters in real time, giving you the most accurate data possible.

Transmitting & Processing

LPWAN, gateways, algorithms, and our powerful Network Server enable secure, scalable, efficient, and sustainable connectivity solutions.

Visualizing & Leveraging

We transform data into information systems and interactive applications. This provides you with a real-time information platform and decision basis for specific measures at any time.


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We use a technology-agnostic approach and combine the best of all worlds. All devices are characterized by high material quality, precise and valid measurement data, and renowned hardware manufacturers.

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Our microservices architecture enables data transfers from and to other systems, individual visualizations such as dashboards, maps, apps, and many other cross-system options.

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We utilize the extremely long ranges and penetration rates of LPWANs to transmit data, even from remote areas and locations without mobile network coverage.

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Our environmental sensors operations are extremely energy efficient and self-sufficient. In addition, the hardware is compact and cost-effectively.

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A variety of applications and use cases, as well as the almost unlimited possibilities of processing and combining external data, make LORIOT Verso solutions highly scalable.

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Sensor systems can be installed in extremely small spaces and can also be mobile. This means they provide detailed data for a high-resolution data network. Our IoT platform can also be used very flexibly.

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The double AES encryption and cloud data management guarantee the highest network and application security, as well as secure transfers and storage of your data.

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Our application processes complex environmental data, supports decision-making processes, and enables forecasts, as well as intelligent information and alarm systems.

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We use LPWANs and all the advantages of a low power wide area network. The transmission is based on a chirp spread spectrum modulation technology in the license-free 868 MHz frequency band.

Disasters usually have devastating effects and often occur unexpectedly and without warning. That is why it is extremely important to listen carefully when nature "speaks" to us. Changes in the natural environment can be detected early on by monitoring various parameters. This allows us to save valuable time in predicting and identifying these events, which in turn can be used to ensure the safety of people and prevent damage. Our solutions enable the collection and utilization of the following types of data, particularly within our system:

  • Climate & Weather

    Extreme weather events such as storms, precipitation, humidity and heat / forest and wildfire risk
  • Environment

    Water levels / soil conditions / air quality / snow depths
  • Surroundings

    Slipperiness and icing / surface temperatures
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