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IoT and LoRaWAN® Consultancy Services

LORIOT IoT Consultancy Services

IoT and LoRaWAN® Consultancy Services

Ensure the highest return on investment on your LoRaWAN® network.


LORIOT’s IoT and technology professionals are industry leaders in guiding organizations through the end-to-end steps of enterprise IoT transformation and LoRaWAN network deployment.

Ensure the highest ROI on your LoRaWAN® network by investing in an experience-led strategy, design, implementation, and optimization of the systems that empower your people to new levels of performance.

IoT requires expertise across a wide range of information technology fields and you can leverage our knowledge with consultancy services in the following areas:


  • Project Management

    Project Management expertise in LoRaWAN® network deployment. Can provide guidelines in deployment methodology and best practices. Suitable for clients managing their first PoC, production service or scaling up phase.

    • Planning the Server and Network Architecture
    • Contrasting Expectations and Technological Limitations
    • Identifying the right Hardware for the Use-Case
    • Managing Deployment Timelines
    • Defining a customer centric roadmap
  • Radio & Network Building

    LoRa Radio expertise, providing a methodology for radio planning phases. Can provide guidelines on device and gateway deployment/installation and radio mapping. Recommended for clients deploying network infrastructure to maximize potential.

    • LoRaWAN best practices
    • Device & Gateway Deployment
    • Radio coverage mapping
    • Network Optimization
  • Technical Management

    LORIOT and LoRaWAN® technical expertise. Can provide dedicated support for specific activities such as support of the commercial launch, configuration recommendations, support in hardware provisioning, API integration, and functional testing. Recommended for all clients for a fast track to network server familiarisation and integration.

    • LoRaWAN® specification deep dive
    • Device & Gateway provisioning and management
    • Network operations and maintenance
    • Network infrastructure and integration
  • Management Consultant

    Execute business & advisory consulting tasks for business/use-case case development, ecosystem planning and product positioning. Suitable for clients who are looking to increase adoption of their service.

    • Business development and commercialization
    • Product positioning and implementation
    • Product adoption and scaling strategy
    • Ecosystem growth and partner models

Consultancy sessions are held via video conference or in-person where possible. To take advantage of this service, please get in touch for more details and our hourly rates.

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