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smart building

Smart Building & Facilities Management

Intelligent building management
from the network


Managing buildings efficiently, eliminating bad space and reducing building costs are some of the challenge’s businesses encounter when getting the maximum return from their investment in property.

With the complete IoT package, building operators can map scenarios such as space monitoring and comfort monitoring in their entirety or modularly.

The goal is to sensibly capture data, improve service quality and reduce costs through using space and resources more efficiently.

With building monitoring and analytics we can address the following pain points:

  • Enhance efficiency
  • Optimize comfort parameters
  • Increase service quality
  • Avoid unnecessary costs
  • Enable intervention
Having the opportunity to analyse, intervene and improve parameters such as air quality, humidity and temperature can dramatically improve the comfort of a building and increase occupant productivity and overall wellbeing. By avoiding unnecessary heating, open windows and turned on lights in empty spaces we can start tackling wasteful costs.


T-systems alongside ISS World created a new Digital Facilities management product to target and timely intervene in case of problems and the recognition of space potentials that are not optimally utilized.

This enables a company to create entirely new levels of added value and service opportunities for even happier end users and a higher cost saving potential.

Key Monitoring and analytics for:

  • MEETING ROOMS – Analyse occupancy, CO2, temperature, humidity and light levels. Alarm triggers for conditions such as “C02 too high”.
  • SHARED DESKS – Monitor desk occupancy, visualization of gathered data, definitions to trigger alarms and notifications
  • ROOM COMFORT – Analyse room parameters such as temperature, humidity, light and noise.
  • DOOR/WINDOW - Monitor and analyse door/window openings and closings. Alarm and notifications for door/window open too long.
  • ROOM USAGE – Functions to monitor and analyse room usage parameters.


  1. Pre-configured sensors are installed in the building at critical locations such as meeting rooms, under desks, next to doors and windows. Configuring sensors can be done quickly and securely in the Connected Things Hub.
  2. The sensors periodically monitor the building parameters and then transmit the encrypted data via LoRaWAN® radio transmission to a pre-configured LoRaWAN® gateway within proximity.
  3. All gateways listen for and receive sensor radio transmissions, and using a LAN/4G backhaul the LoRaWAN® gateway forwards the encrypted data to the LORIOT network server.
  4. The received encrypted data is authenticated, and the network server routes the data via output API to the Connected Things Hub IoT platform based on Microsoft Azure
  5. Decryption and parsing of the data take place at the Connected Things Hub, where the data is readable, user-friendly and analysed.
  6. The facilities management team have access to the Connecting Things Hub for the visualised data, and they can take timely and targeted decisions leading to better outcomes.

The return

With the sensor data providing clear, precise information, building operators can map their entire building to provide space and resources in the best possible way.

The return on investment:

  • reduction in waste energy
  • increase in facilities management productivity
  • reduce time and labour cost to deliver facilities management services
  • higher-quality user experience
  • reduce carbon footprint
  • maximize space utilization
  • potential new profit through re-renting unused areas
  • Align areas to their optimum use

Alarms, alert parameters and indicators can automate processes and increase time efficiency.

New controls increase the productivity of the Facilities management team and the overall experience of users.

Building operators can remain informed using holistic sensor solutions to enable controlling measures, for example have a room cleaned or actively improve the climate. At the same time, collecting sampling proof that all building parameters are within legal limits.

Combining the integration and deployment services of T-Systems and ISS WORLD with the secure, scalable LORIOT Network Server, it has never been easier to digitize your building.