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CareBand’s Location and Monitoring Solution

Solving challenges around health, safety, and productivity with wearables from CareBand®.


Some industries are inherently dangerous and employers need to take precautions in their workplaces to stay safe. Real-time indoor location and monitoring of staff, visitors, and patients on-site can help solve challenges related to people’s health, safety, and productivity.

For instance, people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD) lose their ability to recognize people and places that were once familiar. Approximately 60% of those diagnosed with ADRD will wander and become lost. Elopement leads to high search and rescue costs, injuries, and in some cases death.

CareBand® is a powerful end-to-end monitoring system capable of addressing problems with wandering and elopement. CareBand technology helps organizations make the digital transition efficiently and pain-free by offering a wide range of features to automate the management of residents and staff.


CareBand® Series Wearables have been developed over the past 5 years combining strong underlying security and privacy infrastructure with communication technologies and machine learning algorithms.

CareBand® wearable series


CareBand® Series Wearables are patent-pending LoRaWAN® devices that all include BLE, wireless charging, on-body sensing, accelerometer, front & back-facing LEDs, and haptic feedback. The wearables work seamlessly with CareBand's Portal.
Designed for energy-efficiency, the CareBand wearable enables patient and employee monitoring applications in healthcare, industrial, and hospitality environments. The devices are also equipped with different battery capabilities depending on the application and customer requirements. Moreover, the wearables are supported globally for deployment in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Enterprise Software

CareBand® provides a comprehensive and customizable set of web and mobile-based applications to manage deployments. The CareBand® Portal and CareBand® Manager mobile app can support individuals at all levels, from system integrator management tools to executive director access and reports. Additional support is available to facilitate 3rd party integrations via CareBand® APIs, webhooks, or GraphQL connections.


The main applications for the CareBand® system exist within senior living, independent living, hospitals, hospitality, and education. Our solution can also be used in a wide variety of other industries and use cases where knowing the location and status of employees, guests, or residents is critical.

  • Next-Generation Wander Management
    • Location tracking up to a mile beyond the door
    • Elopement reduction with multi-stage exit alerts
    • Long-lasting battery with wrist or neckwear choices
    • Access control enabled via BLE technologies
  • Nurse Call/Panic Button
    • Accurate room-level location with the press of the button
    • Patented Quick Clear technology automatically records which staff member responded to the call
    • Immediate alerts via text, call, email, or integration into your system
    • Long-lasting battery with wrist or neckwear choices
  • Indoor Location Tracking & Care Insights Reports
    • Customizable and shareable reports generated per patient or timeframe
    • Track resident-to-staff and resident-to-resident engagement
    • Alerts sent when a resident’s usual pattern is disrupted
    • Precise indoor location tracking within a few feet
  • Staff Time & Support
    • Accurately track staff time for productivity, scheduling, and billing
    • Automated charting of daily resident activity
    • Enhanced continuity of care between shifts without loss of information
    • Empower staff with discrete communication
  • Access Control and Key Management
    • Provide access to staff and residents to rooms
    • Authenticate for computers, medicine, server or other secure information
    • Manage control from the cloud with precision accuracy
    • Incorporate secure cashless payment around the building


The return

The CareBand® system is a robust, flexible, cost-effective solution with reliable hardware and enterprise-grade software enabling near real-time location monitoring.

The return on investment:

  • Location-Based Facts - Real-time tracking shows you where your residents and staff are indoors with accuracy within a few feet and up to a mile outdoors.
    • Increases safety / reduces risk
    • Increases efficiency
    • Reduces response times
  • Real-Time Dashboards Custom Reports - Tailored reports provides needed information. Analyze events and behaviors, currently or over time, with web and mobile-based apps.
    • Improve care for patients
    • Enhance customer experiences
    • Enhance resource availability and utilization
  • Built With Security and Privacy From the Start - The importance of security and privacy runs deep. From the device, to the cloud, to the data– it is crucial for your success.
    • HIPAA-compliant security
    • End-to-end data encryption
    • Secure integrations with a wide variety of systems via API and Webhook

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