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flow monitoring

Cold Chain and Refrigeration Monitoring

Monitoring refrigeration equipment and rooms in the food & beverage industry


Monzoon Networks AG has expanded its portfolio to include the exciting business area of "Internet of Things" for digital transformation into its portfolio. Currently involved in projects that measure, monitor and alarm the temperature, CO2 and humidity in server rooms and meeting rooms, the closing status of windows and doors, water intrusion, electricity metering and movements.

MyMonzoon, has developed a web frontend and application for the display and archiving of IoT sensor data for these use-cases, and a powerful tool to maximise outcomes while reducing inputs

  • Measure the temperature in refrigeration plants and present the measured data
  • Monitor the complete cooling stages of food
  • Automated measuring and documentation of temperature
  • Automatic warning if a defined warning threshold is exceeded
  • Monitoring alerts based on opening hours


With Monzoon's IoT sensors you can automatically monitor and document the temperature in refrigerators, server rooms, medicine stores and freezers. This is the ideal solution for hotels, restaurants, butcher shops, bakeries, pharmacies; wherever valuable inventory is in use, which needs to be monitored and their temperature history documented.

Warning messages can be set up individually for each sensor so that you are alerted in the event of a possible failure of the refrigeration system and can react accordingly.

To set up the solution, Monzoon will provide a gateway free of charge and you simply connect it to your existing Internet connection.

Monzoon takes care of the rest of the process chain of recording and processing sensor data. The data is stored on redundant server systems in protected Swiss data centres and made available for post-processing.

The return

The sensor data, which provides clear, precise information, enables refrigeration equipment operators to monitor their entire infrastructure and ensure best practices are followed. The solution is automated, simple and user-friendly with operators able to view the information in the web application and receive alerts by email or SMS.

By deploying this solution, operators can maximize their return on investment:

  • Reduction of energy usage through temperature monitoring
  • Reduction of labour costs (manual temperature reading & documentation)
  • Increase the operator efficiency by removing time consuming manual task
  • Minimizing spoiled products (waste) in case of refrigerator failure.
  • Alarms, alarm parameters and indicators can automate processes and increase time efficiency.