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Level up your LoRaWAN® skills!

LORIOT LoRaWAN Workshops

Level up your LoRaWAN® skills!

Education and insights from experienced LoRaWAN® technology pioneers


The LORIOT Workshops draw on the expertise and experience of our team to provide education led insights to LoRaWAN® network building and operation. Leverage our in-house expertise for a shortcut to maximising the success of your project, and avoid the common pitfalls.

With various curriculums available, you can choose the fields that best suit your deployment and we can even tailor the topics specific to your use-case and requirements.

Don’t waste time discovering the already trodden ground, we will provide you with a fast track to the knowledge gained from supporting carrier-grade LoRaWAN networks over the last 5 years.

Curriculum Proposals

We have designed 2 training programmes covering topics that meet the main needs we have identified supporting companies with their IoT projects over the years .

  • Workshop A:
    Introduction to IoT and LoRaWAN basics, LORIOT Network Server introduction and walkthrough, advanced management tools and features.
  • Workshop B:
    Gateways, Devices, and Applications management with LORIOT LNS, Best Practices for stability and scalability.

Request the workshop curriculum to view our standard itinerary and select the course that best suits your requirements!

Workshops are typically spread over two days and can be arranged for convenient timeslots. The course is run remotely via conference call, and available for your whole team to attend.
A certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the course.

If there is a specific module from another workshop you would like included, we are happy to discuss tailor the curriculum.

Request details

Fill in the form to ask details about the workshops you are interested in.