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LORIOT Business Connect

LORIOT Business Connect - Smart Industry Edition

LORIOT Business Connect

We are excited to announce the fourth edition of our matchmaking event:
Take part in the next LORIOT Business Connect: Public Server Edition!

Join the Public Server Edition!

Our Public Servers are the home to a diverse variety of LoRaWAN Use Cases all over the world. Starting with our Community Server infrastructure, started back in 2015 and expanded with time, where anyone can register a free account, register unlimited LoRaWAN gateways and up to 30 devices. This is a great option to start testing the technology, see the data flow and push it to an application server for data exploitation, visualization and storage.
For those willing to go one step further, our Professional Public Servers provide different connectivity plans that are carefully thought to deliver scalability and professionalism to projects growing from small PoCs to bigger deployments where a private Network Server would be needed.
Our Professional Public Servers provide 99,5% SLA, API access to the LoRaWAN Network Server, low latency regional servers, all features available and a multitenant environment. Unlimited gateways and 4 different device connectivity plans available for customers to find the perfect solution that adapts to (and grow with) their project needs.

Although our core business remains private server deployments, taking care of our Public Server customers and helping them grow and scale up is something we really enjoy, and we strongly believe that being their companion at early stages of their journey into LoRaWAN is key to building a long term relationship as their technological partner.

This is why our next LORIOT Business Connect, now in its fourth edition, will be devoted to LoRaWAN Solutions in our Public Servers. We want to share with the ecosystem the quality and potential of IoT solutions that are already success stories and that will be part of tomorrow’s picture of an IoT landscape that continues to expand, with LoRaWAN being one of the top technologies to lead this growth.

In this context, we have launched an open call for everyone on our Public Servers to apply and take part in this exciting online event. They will have the chance to impress the attendees with their use cases and share their experiences and best practices with us all.
At the same time, as usual, they will have the opportunity to meet our largest clients and partners and eventually start fruitful business relationships with them.

The event, live on the 30th of November at 4.00 pm (CET), will be once again streamed and will be publicly accessible for everyone.
Save the date and join the event page on Linkedin! We will be sharing more details about how to join the event, guests and event agenda in the next days. Stay tuned.

5 different companies, 5 LoRaWAN use cases, 5 examples of problem solving IoT solutions that take advantage of LORIOT’s world wide LoRaWAN infrastructure.
Anyone with an active account, whether Community or Professional, can participate in the call and compete to be one of the 5 selected solution providers.

The call is open until October, 15th.
Show the world the disruptive potential of your IoT project!

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