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The engine of LORIOT: our Team.

Success is all about people.
Our recipe and secret sauce.

During this unprecedented global crisis, our entire team is working remotely from home. We're doing very well, better than we expected.
The credit goes to the passion and commitment that everyone puts into their work.
This situation has allowed me to reflect on how important the team is to a company and on how we did so far.

In fact, and I have no doubts about that, one of the most critical (and gratifying at the same time) tasks we had to perform since LORIOT establishment has been building, managing and growing (with) our Team.
Attracting and retaining talent is essential for reaching our goals and maintaining the high-quality of our LoRaWAN Network Server and Professional Public Server.

We strongly believe, and this is particularly true in small organisations, that to work towards ambitious goals effectively, the key factors are shared values and talented people who complement each other, who stimulate each other’s curiosity for new technologies, plus eager to grow both personally and professionally by acquiring and further developing soft and hard skills. Independently from the role nor job description.

Communication and cooperation are a must but, in a startup, autonomy is also very important, in many cases we proved that the solutions to technical or commercial issues as well as important business opportunities had to come from team members’ initiatives. We promote teamwork as much as personal impulses and intuitions.

It’s all about attitude

For us the attitude of a candidate is as important as the know-how that he/she offers, possibly even more important.

A specialist who is not a team player and doesn’t fit our corporate culture will not work effectively in the long run and will end up generating frictions rather than value. It’s just as simple.

The typical questions we ask ourselves before hiring a candidate is: does she/he fit in the team? Is she/he a good match?

To answer these questions, it’s very important that the best candidates also have an interview with the future teammates and not just with HR and direct managers.

This does not mean that we do not support diversity. On the contrary, we see diversity as a value. Our team is extremely international, with people from 6 different nationalities and completely different backgrounds. As a company, we are open to all people regardless of age, gender, religion, food regime or any other biases related to a candidate's personal characteristics that are unrelated to their job performance.

What's it like working in LORIOT?

Despite operating in over 140 countries around the world, we are a small company in terms of headcount.
Despite being a small company we are a global company and our team is currently spread over several locations: Zurich, Valencia, Budapest, Berlin and San Francisco.

The hierarchy is flat, information is widely shared among the whole team, we provide feedback freely and key decisions are collective.

At LORIOT we are committed to motivate our workforce by creating a positive and energic workplace, we do like hearing from our team members that remote working is an option that helps a lot the work/life balance but they enjoy going to the office (and we all want to meet back in the office again soon)!

These are some of our main values:

  • Respect: the base for any relationship, respect for each other effort and competencies, respect for our employee’s ambitions and aspirations.
  • Trust: feel confident, take (prudent 😊) risks, innovate, we trust you.
  • Work/life balance:we need positive energy in the office! The optimal work/life balance definitively helps to keep people happy, that’s why we offer flexible working hours and remote working when needed. As a result (maybe), we can also claim a quite high birth rate in the company lately…
  • Strength in the differences: any individual and its different way of view things creates alternative ideas and value for our team. We enjoy our multicultural team, many different backgrounds and experiences.
  • Continuous learning: we want to help our talents to build their career. We encourage people to explore new technologies, innovate and improve through e-learning courses, masters, university.
  • Be open: we try to ensure that everyone in the team is informed about the company and business decisions, it’s important that we all know what we are working towards.
  • Fail: we all make mistakes every now and then and it’s perfectly fine if we are ready to learn out of those mistakes to improve and get better. We don’t blame failure and don’t hide mistakes, but we give our best every day.
  • Listening: active listening is a value in LORIOT. We listen to each other’s feedback and opinions and we ask for them. We also listen to our customers and partners. This is the best way to deliver on of the best solution in he market. The good part here is that we also collect loads of extremely positive feedback we all can be so proud of.

We think to our team as a family. Our LORIOT family.
We celebrate company’s successes and milestones as much as personal achievements and anniversaries.

How to join LORIOT?

At LORIOT we are always in hiring mode.

We’ve just incorporated three new people in our team: 2 in Valencia and 1 in Budapest, and we have other openings available as we are experiencing a significant growth.

Actually, we keep looking for great and genuine people even when we do not have team scale plans in the short period, we want to be ready for new projects and new challenges and that’s only possible if you plan ahead.

Check out our career page or send us your spontaneous application to .


Chiara Fezzardi

Chiara Fezzardi
Chief Financial Officer