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Communication COVID-19

LORIOT is a global company, we use agile methodologies and our distributed team, mainly across Europe, already makes extensive use of remote collaboration tools.

Today, like many other companies in Europe and around the world, we are facing the challenges posed by the pandemic spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19). Challenges that we face with a great sense of responsibility towards the people in our team, their families, our customers and partners.

Even before countries like Spain, Switzerland and Hungary took restrictive measures in an attempt to contain the spread of the outbreak, to protect the Loriot team, last week we informed our team to work remotely from home. Due to our existing working practices, we were confident that this would not have any effect on productivity, which is proving true. Now that home isolation is required by national authorities, we continue to work with maximum efficiency and commitment to deliver new features and solutions to the market.
We are also able to ensure full continuity to the services offered, as well as maintenance of our public infrastructure, deployment of new private servers and full assistance for any issues that may emerge, regardless of their location.

The measures we have introduced, with common sense and a strong responsibility to the protection of the team, and other people also require the cancellation of all travel. We have therefore suspended business trips and participation in events until the situation is stable again. The opportunities to meet our customers and partners around the world will be limited, but we remain available as always thanks to the tools and digital channels that we already make extensive use of:

  • Please utilise our knowledgebase
  • Our support team reachable by email and the support portal knowledgebase
  • The sales and post-sales team are reachable by email, through the contact form on our website or by contacting your account manager.
  • For any other requests, we are available at info@loriot.io
  • Video conference calls will continue as usual

Efficiency, security, commitment and enthusiasm are not threatened by this global crisis.

Quite the contrary.

We understand the severity of the situation and the need to face it on a large scale with determination and responsibility but, as per our DNA, we believe that innovation can arise from every challenge.

This health crisis is putting a major strain on our society, even restricting our personal freedoms, but we are convinced that when it is stabilised, it will have left us with new tools and outlooks that will empower us to innovate further and to take a leap forward as a global society. 

Julian Studer

Julian Studer
CEO & co-founder