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Disrupt-X + LORIOT

Disrupt-X and LORIOT sign an MoU to strengthen their partnership and offer IoT solutions in Europe and Worldwide.

Disrupt-X, a UAE-based IoT platform provider, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Swiss-based Global IoT company LORIOT to support the implementation of the next generation of IoT solutions using the efficient LoRaWAN® infrastructure. The partnership aims to promote IoT solutions mainly in the European Market.

Dubai, UAE and Zurich, Switzerland - 10.11.2022 - LORIOT, the global IoT company founded in Switzerland in 2015 with the mission to enable long-range IoT solution deployments in every corner of the globe, and Disrupt-X, end-to-end IoT solutions platform provider with a communication/hardware agnostic approach, join forces to promote IoT dissemination in Europe and globally.

With over 30 ready use-cases on their marketplace, Disrupt-X plans to extend their portfolio to up to 55+ ready use-cases by the end of this year. Disrupt-X is committed to leverage the vast growth of technology and digitalization through the development of smart solutions that deliver innovative IoT products and services designed for industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

Disrupt-X and LORIOT will work together to promote their solutions to a wider market. Disrupt-X will be using the LORIOT Network Servers for European clients, and they will jointly offer local Network Servers for their clients based on demand. Moreover, LORIOT will be promoting the Disrupt-X IoT platform for their clients globally. In addition, as part of the partnership, the UAE-based company will develop a separate dashboard to access LORIOT Network Servers directly from Disrupt-X IoT Platform.

The Disrupt-X platform hosted on AWS using Intel’s architecture offers full-stacked solutions which can be scaled from a single asset level to city level. The platform can be hosted in Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid. The end-to-end solutions are also available through mobile apps. The Platform will allow businesses to monitor all integrated use-cases under one single platform. The platform, by ingesting data from the devices connected on the LORIOT Network Servers, will allow users to monitor assets constantly, generate alerts at different customizable thresholds, generate custom and scheduled reports, view customized dashboards, set up WhatsApp / Email / SMS / call alerts, set up user groups with permissions and much more. The Mobile Applications make it convenient for end users to monitor their assets.

Commenting on this partnership,Mr. Asim Sajwani, CEO and Founder for Disrupt-X said,
“Disrupt-X being a global platform plans to venture more into the European market in the next year and this strategic partnership with the LORIOT team fits perfectly to enable us to target our IoT solutions towards this market. With this partnership, both the parties can work hand-in-hand to offer their robust IoT technologies and platform to a wider market.“

“Our mission is to enable IoT deployments at scale, globally, and help end customers to solve real challenges and generate economic value whilst positively impacting society and environment. Together with Disrupt-X, thanks to the complementary nature of our respective solutions, we can accelerate this process of digital transformation worldwide.” added Julian Studer, CEO & founder of LORIOT.


LoRaWAN® is a mark used under license from the LoRa Alliance®.


LORIOT is a global IoT company providing long-range infrastructure for the Internet of Things.

The core product is a software for scalable, distributed, resilient and secure operation of long-range networks and end-to-end applications that dramatically reduces costs and time to market for the end users.
LLORIOT offers the network infrastructure to set up, operate and maintain a radio network, integrate sensors and communicate with them over a secure and reliable connection.

Already operating in over 150 countries worldwide, LORIOT is one of the leading LPWAN network solution providers.

About Disrupt-X

Disrupt-X is lead by top Digital Technology leaders and visionaries who excel in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep LEarning, and are passionate to conitnuosly support the growth of smart innovations throughout the world.

Our desires to improve, excellent track record, and continuous knowledge growth in technology and business methodology contribute to our goal to be UAE's leading provider of smart solutions. Disrupt-X was formed to be the future of both people and tehcnology.
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