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LORIOT first Team Event

Loriot Yearly: A week of team spirit and collective energy

Workshops, keynotes, shared values, the sunset over the sea, lots of fun and some thoughts.

As I sit down to reflect on this year's LORIOT gathering, I can't help but feel a sense of accomplishment and joy.

As managers, we are experienced in handling the complexities of organizing events from beginning to end. However, this time, reality not only met but surpassed our highest expectations.

This year, we brought together our LORIOT teams from Spain, Hungary, and Switzerland in our Valencia office, along with special guests from our investor and strategic partner WIKA.

From the moment the entire LORIOT team came together, whether it was for getting acquainted, holding meetings, engaging in team-building activities, sharing ideas and opinions, or simply enjoying each other's company, there was a palpable sense of positivity and excitement in every corner of our Valencian office.

That week, fostering team spirit was the top priority in everyone's agenda.

Our Drive leads the way

Building a company that transcends geographical, cultural and professional boundaries is no small feat. It’s about more than just profits and growth; it’s about forging a community bound by a shared vision and solid values.

Based on this concept, our Marketing and Human Resources teams collaborated to create a plan centered around the idea of celebrating what it means to be a part of LORIOT.

On September 22, the central day of the event, we started with a delicious breakfast and then kicked off our keynote session, during which we highlighted the achievements of the previous year.

Our CEO and founder, Julian Studer, reviewed the remarkable growth we experienced as a company in the past months

We celebrated the successful launches of Hummingbird (recently updated to version 8.1.) and our LoRaWAN® Roaming Hub, as well as the establishment of our mioty service center, and the introduction of our Partner Program.

These accomplishments culminated in us being awarded the prestigious LoRa Alliance Corporate Award 2023, serving as a testament to our collective expertise and hard work as serial innovators and massive IoT enablers.

But this wasn’t all. We couldn´t finalize the first part of our LORIOT Yearly without setting the stage for even greater achievements to come.
Alongside the rest of the management team and our guest from WIKA, we discussed goals, growth targets, objectives, and challenging projects for the months ahead, motivating the entire team to collaboratively work towards a shared and ambitious vision.

Building a company that transcends geographical, cultural and professional boundaries is no small feat. It’s about more than just profits and growth; it’s about forging a community bound by a shared vision and solid values.
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Our Values are our compass

Since our foundation, we have been striving for excellence in every aspect of our work.

Over time, this commitment has become ingrained in our corporate culture, where security, accountability, outstanding quality, and constant innovation define our identity and position us as leaders in our industry.

As we continue to welcome more members to our team - 14 new joiners over the last few months across five departments in Hungary and Valencia -, we are growing not only in numbers but in strength.

In the mist of our rapid growth phase, maintaining a strong and cooperative culture becomes a complex yet crucial endeavor.

As a company, growing is not easy. It is definitely positive, but it also carries the risk of loosing what we have meticulously built. Our identity, our values, processes and dynamics that have taken us so far are valuable assets we wish to preserve and imprint in our story.

loriot event, morning keynote session

To address this challenge, as part of the main event on the 22nd, we organized a team building session. An opportunity to deepen our understanding of our core values and mindset, to discuss them and to even question them in order to gain insights about our collective identity.

During this expansion phase, it’s important that we consider our values and make sure they match the diverse viewpoints and experiences of our entire team, especially for our new joiners.

This dynamic was key to creating an environment for open conversations, allowing everyone to understand the positive attributes that contribute to build a positive and enriching workplace environment.

Our Vision is to achieve great things

The day passed, and after celebrating our corporate milestones and values, it was time to relax and spend time together.

What better way to do so than by taking a trip to witness the Valencian sunset, aboard a catamaran.
Our entire team enjoyed a delightful outing that transported us to a privileged location to admire the sunset on the horizon. I have to say this was my favourite part of the day. Beyond the workshops and meetings, the time we spent together is a reflection of our bond.

The laughs, the camaraderie, and the shared joy are also key to keep going as a team, to foster passion and genuine eagerness to face the challenges head-on.

Perhaps that's why, while observing the beautiful sunset from the catamaran propelled only by the waves, I thought of our team - an unstoppable force much like the mighty wave.

This kind of energy is the one that drives us to achieve great things.

loriot team and the sunset

The day was ending and as I shared with our LORIOT family that beautiful sunset in the distance, I felt a profound sense of motivation.

What we have built is extraordinary - a solid company with incredible team spirit.
The way we collaborate, support one another, and give our absolute best is truly remarkable and sets us apart.

At the end, our Team comes always first

This yearly LORIOT event was a remarkable reminder of the many achievements we can accomplish together.

Being a witness of our team’s collective energy made this experience memorable and assured me that our objectives are in capable hands. We do not take this for granted, as it is a rare and valuable asset.

I eagerly anticipate the coming year. The road ahead might bring successes and failures, or (most probably) something in between, but what I am certain of is that the journey will be exciting.

I want to thank our amazing team for being part of this celebration, for being them in every sense of the word, and for making LORIOT unique with their ideas, commitment and constant pursuit of greatness.

That amazing LORIOT Yearly week ended. But the future looks bright and already announces all the great heights we will achieve together.

We are LORIOT,
no one can stop this wave!

loriot team

Chiara Fezzardi

Chiara Fezzardi
CFO & HR Manager