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Meet Hummingbird, our latest (and best) release!

Be ready to spot LORIOT Hummingbird, the latest version of our Network Management System. Like the eponymous bird it’s fast, agile and it’s much easier on the eyes!

An immense effort has gone into the development of version 8 of our software: we have radically increased our Network Management System’s capabilities and completely overhauled the User Interface with a brand-new design and dashboard to create our most ambitious version yet!

Network Management System v8 - hummingbirg

A new Hybrid Paradigm

The most ground-breaking new development is without a doubt the addition of the mioty® protocol to LORIOT’s repertoire: a new LPWAN protocol that has irrupted into the world of industrial IoT and is already making waves due to its unique features. The mioty® protocol’s characteristics such as interference resilience and massive scalability give it a big advantage in key areas over other LPWAN technologies.

The ability to use LoRaWAN® and mioty® is the keystone of our new Hybrid Network Management System (NMS) and marks the beginning of a paradigm shift – instead of forcefully choosing one technology over the others, you can combine both technologies and complement your existing use cases, or discover new ones.

Hummingbird can operate as a LoRaWAN® Network Server, a mioty® Service Center or as a Hybrid Network Management System that manages both protocols in the same platform.

This will further enable users to expand into new technologies without losing on the already invested effort and with no change to their existing LPWAN infrastructure.

The best of both worlds came together to deliver end-to-end solutions to large industrial partners and customers, throughout an amplitude of different verticals.

Hybrid architecture

Hummingbird can operate as a #LoRaWAN Network Server, a #mioty Service Center, or as a Hybrid Network Management System that manages both protocols in the same platform.
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A revamped User Interface

Another radical change that we are introducing with Hummingbird is the complete overhaul of the User Interface.

Our Frontend Development and UI Design teams have not only crafted a stunning, brand-new look for the LORIOT UI, but they have also completely reworked the underlying components to make it faster and more flexible under the hood.

This new UI brings a new visual design that closer matches our overall style and, more importantly, greatly improves the User Experience thanks to new tools like the Global Search Bar, the new User Dashboard and the new pages and menus relating to mioty®.

The new architecture also makes it easier to add more features in a modular way, thus laying important groundwork for future updates and added capabilities.

the new user interface - main dashboard

The cherry on top:
LORIOT Roaming Hub

One more highlight of version 8 is the launch of the LORIOT Roaming Hub. LoRaWAN® Passive Roaming has been a hot topic in recent years and it has been gaining momentum for a while now.

With Hummingbird we have expanded the Passive Roaming functionalities of our LoRaWAN® Network Server to support our LORIOT Roaming Hub which enables the handling of Passive Roaming connections between multiple parties, including our network of Public Servers, instead of the more basic peer-to-peer connectivity. Additionally, it now also supports Passive Roaming 1.1.

All this means that by connecting your LORIOT Network Management System to the LORIOT Roaming Hub you will be able to Passive Roam with

Simply said, LoRaWAN® Roaming allows you to effortlessly expand your coverage, densify your network and increase redundancy for your gateways.

Ultimately, it greatly upgrades your IoT solutions and takes them beyond limits.

roaming hub explained

Built for Massive IoT

Naturally, there are many more features, big and small, that are also included in Hummingbird; you can read all about them in our Release Notes.

Let me emphasise that all new features, integrations as well as any changes to the user interface have been designed and developed with great care by our talented team, and in doing so we have never neglected the security of our solution.

To us, security is an indispensable and central element of the premium service we want to offer our customers. For this reason, version 8 - like previous versions - underwent thorough security testing, from manual code reviews to external penetration testing. This allows us to be very confident of the high degree of security that our solution guarantees our users.

In this blog post I just discussed three highlights that underline the effort we’ve put into this new version and the desire to break new ground and improve that drives us.

While working on version 8, we had a very clear goal: to bring a cutting-edge, secure, reliable and scalable solution to the market that would offer the flexibility, ease of use and performance our customers need to roll out massive IoT solutions, at scale, and in any environment, including the edge cases of the many applications in the industrial environment.

Hummingbird is all of this and I, as Head of Product, can only be extremely proud of the great work we have done.

The first #Hybrid Network Management System by @LORIOTio supports both #LoRaWAN and #mioty, plus includes a LoRaWAN #Roaming Hub and beautiful new #UI
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Rafel Domenech Peiró

Rafel Domenech Peiró
Head of Product