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The Things Conference on tour

The Things Conference On Tour - our takeaways.

Last week we attended The Things Conference in the UK. Our experience.

Last week we attended The Things Conference - On Tour in the UK, which this year, was hosted in the majestic Reading town hall.

With over 200 people attending from the community, public sector and business, we would like to congratulate the TTN community organisers on a “tip-top” event, as we say here in Switzerland.

The event was very insightful with some excellent speakers and a perfect opportunity for us to meet once again with our local UK partners.

Partners such as Pervasive Solutions who are experts in building and managing highly secure, private and SLA-based IoT networks and service solutions. We are excited to work with Pervasive Solutions and their system integrator, Comms365, on supporting and scaling LoRaWAN® deployments across the UK.

Sponsoring the event was distribution partner Alliot who exhibited a top-class range of IoT hardware, such as LoRaWAN® gateways from Tektelic and Kerlink (which are fully integrated with the LORIOT Network Server), and a wide portfolio of end-devices from Netvox. We were particularly impressed with the Alliot Proof of Concept Kits which are available here.

We also managed to catch up with our long-time UK and Nordics partner Indesmatech who bring years of expertise in the project value chain, supporting clients from ideas to implementation, from chip to system level. As a representative for Semtech, and an early pioneer in the roll-out of LoRaWAN® networks, their in-depth technical knowledge and R&D experience highlights the value of their services.

Finally, for us there where two stand-out presentations on stage:

  • The first from Andreas Speiss on The Propagation of LoRa Signals, presented with his famous Swiss accent and highlighting that “line of sight” is your best friend for long-range LoRa communication.
  • The second presentation was from Lacuna Space on the successful launch of their first nanosatellite. The satellite provides vast LoRaWAN® gateway coverage from a low earth orbit, and we are excited to see connectivity for devices in regions without reliable wireless coverage.

  • The Things Conference on Tour - UK 1
  • The Things Conference on Tour - UK 2
  • AllIoT Technologies stand

That’s it for TTN UK conference this year, next stop the CENSIS Tech Summit in Glasgow on the 7th of November, which is one of our favourite events of the year!
Let us know if you’re attending and we can organise a meeting.

Alan Rae

Alan Rae
IoT Technical Sales