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LORIOT LoRaWAN® Network Server.
What's really new in version 6?

A deep dive into our last major release.

As part of our culture and commitment to ensure multiple major releases per year, this new version has been deployed globally across all ourCommunity Public Servers, Professional Public Servers and client Private Servers.

We are dedicated to ensuring best practices as standard, and to deliver new features that will improve User Experience and provide customers with many new capabilities. As a result, we continually strive to provide and update our carrier-grade, secure, reliable and scalable solution for a LoRaWAN® Network Server.

In harmony with our development plan, customer feedback and requirements, version 6.0 is now available and we are very excited to share the highlights with you.

In particular:

  • Device Profiles
  • Virtual Networks and Multicast
  • Gateways with multiple antennas support

Welcome Device Profiles

The new Device Profiles offer the possibility to configure a defined range of devices with a pre-programmed set of LoRaWAN® parameters. Once a profile is assigned to a device its parameters will be changed to match those of the profile. This becomes extremely useful when working with large amounts of devices as it allows users to manage and operate Applications in a more efficient and effective method.

Other improvements have been made in the User Interface, such as being able to transfer devices from one network server Application to another without having to remove and re-register the device, preventing the device from needing to re-join the network server and interrupting the service.

With regards to the Application Outputs, that enables users to easily push data from the Network Server to the Application Server, version 6.0 allows users to select more than one Output of the same type, which increases the flexibility when defining integration channels and protocols. Multiple standard communication protocols, for instance, MQTT, WebSocket or HTTP Push can be configured and point to different applications, test/prod environments or customers.

Multicast, the way to go

Server Operators can now assign registered gateways to a Virtual Network and Multicast downlinks will be transmitted using only the gateways within a selected Virtual Network. This feature helps our customers to avoid duty cycle issues because users can decide which gateways will receive the downlinks, and this keeps the rest of the gateways from receiving and transmitting unnecessary messages.

Virtual Networks enable the user to send multicast messages to specific gateways, allowing for a higher precision when broadcasting multicast downlinks to a reduced number of devices or actuators.

Network Management becomes more flexible and adaptable to the needs of the customer and different permissions can be given to Organizations to access Virtual Networks, which improves the administration possibilities for the governance of the LoRaWAN® infrastructure.


The LORIOT Gateway Software now supports gateways with multiple antennas.
This new feature opens up the possibility for our customers to utilize various antenna configurations. For example, the usage of directional antennas to focus the coverage of a gateway on certain segments of the circle around the gateway. The feature even supports special use-cases where polarized or planar antennas are the requirement. In addition to this, the LORIOT UI now gives the possibility to track LoRaWAN messages not just on gateway level but also on antenna level.

New supported models have also been added to the list of Gateways in our User Interface:

Our Technical Department is constantly working on integrating more gateways onto our UI for customers to have a wide range of different options when it comes to building their LoRaWAN® infrastructure, contributing to LORIOT’s agnosticism in this regard.

We can’t wait to tell you more

We have an option for everyone. We adapt to your needs and we will help you find the right solution for your deployment.

No matter if you are looking for your first LoRaWAN experience or if you already are a LORIOT Network Server User, get in touch with me for new products, tools and functionalities. I will be happy to discuss further and to offer you a demo of our products.

  • Community Public Servers:
    13 World-wide public servers where you can create an account for free and connect 1 gateway and up to 10 devices. LoRaWAN is just around the corner!
  • Professional Public Servers:
    Professional LoRaWAN servers with 99.9% SLA, built-in redundancy and new accessible features to scale a secure LoRaWAN® Network. Check out the different plans.
  • Private Network Server:
    Full-featured carrier-grade Network Server. LORIOT hosted or on-premise deployments, to operate and manage large-scale IoT networks with proven reliability and scaling. A Private Network Server is the premier deployment model to ensure the highest security standards, control, flexibility and scalability for your LoRaWAN services.

What feature would you like to see in the next release? Can’t wait to hear from you!

Chiara Fezzardi

Carles Gramage
IoT Solutions Architect & Business Development