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EIT Digital Challenge 2019 - finals

EIT Digital Challenge 2019. More than just an award. A Milestone

LORIOT in the TOP 10 European Deep Tech Scaleup

In the life of every company there are particularly important moments of its journey.
They are called 'milestones'.

The moment of establishment, the launch of the product on the market, the first big customer, the raising of capital, over one million in turnover, or just moving to a bigger office are some of these.
For us, the setup of the first server outside of Europe and the opening of the office in Spain had a strong symbolic value of our global vision of our desire to be a global player. A company with an international vocation since its inception from the origins and backgrounds of the two founders.

But not always, especially in a startup, there is time to turn back, celebrate these moments as they deserve and understand their true importance. The milestones, small and large, significant or not, end up collected in one big cauldron.

A few days ago we have marked a new milestone. A moment of transition that is worth celebrating and, at our present stage, we are also in a position to do so.

Our company has been awarded as one of the TOP 10 deep-tech scaleups in Europe by EIT Digital, the leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation. The second prize in the Digital City category.

The award, given by a very important institution on the European tech scene and gained competing against over 300 applicants, is not only a recognition for what has been achieved so far but also for the great potential that we still have in front of us.

  • EIT Digital Challenge - Finals - Brussels 1
  • EIT Digital Challenge - Finals - Brussels 2
  • EIT Digital Challenge - Finals - Yannik Kopp on stage
  • EIT Digital Challenge - Finals - Yannik Kopp on stage - close up
  • EIT Digital Challenge - Finals - Brussels 3
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  • EIT Digital Challenge - award ceremeony - Yannik Kopp
  • EIT Digital Challenge - award ceremony

In the last two years we have won over 15 awards. What makes this different?

Two are the aspects that make this award different from the previous ones:

  • In recent months, one of the segments on which we have focused our efforts is that of smart cities. We support, directly or through our partners, dozens of cities not only in Europe but worldwide. We know that our solution is perfect as a basis on which to build an IoT platform on an urban scale and enable digital services that can produce huge savings for local government, improve the efficiency of management and maintenance processes, offer services to citizens and businesses that can improve the quality of life and opportunities in the territory. We are proud to see this commitment recognised and its potential on a large scale.
  • This recognition "officially" marks the transition from startup to scaleup. Perhaps in our daily activities we will not even notice a difference between before and after. However, at the mindset level it makes all the difference. We will face the challenges that await us with greater security and determniation knowing that nothing is out of our reach. Our first objective will be growth. exponential growth.

For our part, we know that the product and solutions we offer are up to the task and that we have a network of very solid partners and allies at our side. From today, the support of EIT Digital makes us even stronger and opens up new opportunities.

Alan Rae

Yannik Kopp
Head of Business Development & Sales