LORIOT selected by Ceske Radiokomunikace to enable a nation-wide LoRaWAN network in Czech Republic

Thalwil, Switzerland - September 27th, 2017 - LORIOT, a leading global provider of LPWAN and IoT infrastructure software, has been chosen as the vendor for the LoRaWAN network operating system that enables the operations of the nation-wide network of Ceske Radiokomunikace (CRA), a national broadcast and cloud operator, in Czech Republic.

After a successful completion of a Proof of Concept pilot of a LoRaWAN network with in 2015, LORIOT continues to deliver software and services that enable the operations of a nation-wide LoRaWAN network run by CRA.

“We are excited to enable another country-wide IoT network deployment, and continue our collaboration with CRA“, introduces the roll-out Vit Prajzler, CEO of LORIOT. “We have made significant effort to analyze and understand the needs of CRA during and after the pilot phase, and made sure our software’s future development meets them. For example, we specifically focused on the integration of gateways from hardware vendors chosen by CRA.”

Fine-grained control of the network parameters and clearly defined, scalable APIs for data streaming were key focus points for the project, and deciding factors in the choice of the vendor of the LoRaWAN Network Server.

To guarantee compliance with regulations governing locality of data processing and storage, LORIOT’s solution has been deployed in an on-premise cloud environment fully hosted by CRA in the Czech Republic. The deployment has been designed for horizontal scale-out to meet the needs of quickly growing device population and steep growth of traffic volume, and for high-availability operation.

“The deployment in our private IoT Cloud enables us to address a wider portfolio of use-cases, makes the solution more future-proof and meets our requirements for data privacy. Privacy of the IoT data we are handling is one of our highest priorities.” highlights Pavel Kos, CTO of Ceske Radiokomunikace. “LORIOT’s on-premise solution prepares us well to meet any current legislation regarding customer data storing as well as foreseeable future GDPR legislation.”

The network is already in operation, with signal coverage provided by more than 260 gateways. It is serving a number of nation-wide use-cases, such as smart metering and logistics.

LORIOT and CRA are now planning to expand the successful collaboration in other counties in Central Europe.



LORIOT provides a portfolio of LoRaWAN software products and software services. Its software is currently powering a global public LoRaWAN network, and numerous public and private networks worldwide.

LORIOT's geographically distributed server infrastructure delivers low-latency access to LoRaWAN network and data management services. The infrastructure enables clients to deliver convincing Proof-of-Concept projects with extremely short time to market, minimized development effort, and fast return on investment. Clear path from PoC to large-scale network is available through the options single-tenant managed services and the option of software licensing of the LoRaWAN managment software for on-premise deployment.

Loriot works closely with LoRa gateway and end-device / sensor manufacturers to ensure high quality and compliance with security standards of complete LoRaWAN-based end-to-end solutions.


České Radiokomunikace a.s. (CRA) is a leader in providing digital infrastructure. In addition to broadcasting services, CRA focuses on connecting the world of television, radio and the Internet. CRA runs its own data center and provides its customers with superior computing power. CRA has its own optical backbone network and thanks to strong broadcast infrastructure CRA can offer to its customers wireless solutions, or nearby locations connected by fiber optics.

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