LORIOT deploys new LoRaWAN hubs in Japan and India to aid local IoT projects

Thalwil, Switzerland - July 7th, 2017 - LORIOT, a leading global provider of LPWAN and IoT services, is announcing the deployment and public availability of two new cloud service hubs for LoRaWAN.

With the recent improvement in the standardization of LoRaWAN parameters for the Asia / Pacific region, LORIOT has swiftly taken action to adopt the regional specification, and is ready to provide local LoRaWAN SaaS services to the public from two new cloud regions in Tokyo, Japan and Mumbai, India.

“India’s continued support of the start-up environment in the field of IoT has generated an unexpected demand of our services in the existing regions” says Vit Prajzler, CEO of LORIOT. “The number of start-ups that have contacted us with request from India with the need for LoRaWAN services has taken us by surprise. There are some very ambitious projects on the way, and we are making our best effort to provide a fast and easy entry for any size of IoT projects into the LoRaWAN ecosystem.”

The two new service hubs can be used as the operating system for a LoRaWAN network by businesses of all sizes that plan to deploy LoRaWAN gateways and end-nodes. The key services that are provided are low-latency data streaming and cryptographic processing, and large-scale network and security management.

Existing users of the AP1 cluster in Singapore can now choose either to stay in the current geography, or to migrate to one of the new regions for lower latency, higher data throughput and better user experience.

“Motivation for deployment of the Japan region comes from other direction. Due to the network connection structure between Japan and continental Asia, it has been challenging for our Japanese clients to source LoRaWAN services from cloud regions outside of Japan.”, explains further Prajzler. “To keep our promise of high availability and low latency of our services, two critical parameters for any LoRaWAN network, we decided to bring our platform directly to Japan. That’s why we introduced the new AP2 region, hosted in Tokyo, Japan.”

The two new regions, AP2 and AP3, now densify the world-wide public infrastructure that LORIOT offers in a freemium business model as a low-barrier onboarding platform for LORIOT’s LoRaWAN services. For customers that grow beyond the Proof of Value phase, LORIOT has more than 40 regions ready for deployment of single-tenant instances of the LoRaWAN solutions, or can deploy directly in a private cloud on customer premises. For small and medium sized networks, the LORIOT “in-the-box” solution enables purchase of dedicated, reliable, industrial-grade hardware to operate a LoRaWAN network locally, in a private environment disconnected from Internet.


About Loriot

Loriot provides a portfolio of LoRaWAN software products and software services. Its software is currently powering a global public LoRaWAN network, and numerous public and private networks worldwide.

LORIOT's geographically distributed server infrastructure delivers low-latency access to LoRaWAN network and data management services. The infrastructure enables clients to deliver convincing Proof-of-Concept projects with extremely short time to market, minimized development effort, and fast return on investment. Clear path from PoC to large-scale network is available through the options single-tenant managed services and the option of software licensing of the LoRaWAN managment software for on-premise deployment.

Loriot works closely with LoRa gateway and end-device / sensor manufacturers to ensure high quality and compliance with security standards of complete LoRaWAN-based end-to-end solutions.

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