Loriot launches updated LoRaWAN streaming interface to IBM Bluemix IoT service

Thalwil, Switzerland - January 6th, 2016 - Loriot enables all IBM Bluemix users to receive LoRaWAN data directly thorough the Bluemix IoT Foundation service.

Loriot is pursuing the simplification of end-to-end real-time applications for Internet of Things. As part of this effort, it is now announcing the availability of the IBM Bluemix IoT Foundation export plugin, which can be used to seamlessly transport data in real-time from Loriot LoRaWAN networks directly to Bluemix using the MQTT protocol.

"This integration significantly shortens time to market for proof of concept LoRaWAN applications" said Vit Prajzler, CEO of Loriot. "There are many companies out there who don't want to invest significant resources into setting up a simple demonstrator or a small network, they just want to try out the new technology, as fast as simply as possible. That's what the integration with IBM Bluemix is bringing to them."

From now on, any LoRaWAN end device can act as an MQTT device that sends data to Bluemix, but without the complexity of needing to implement the MQTT and the TCP / IP stack on the end device. The complex processing is handled by the Loriot cloud. That means the end-device can be much simpler, needs less RAM and flash, and consumes fraction of the power compared to 3G or WiFi connected device.


About Loriot

LORIOT is a Swiss start-up in the field of Internet of Things. Its core product today is software for secure, scalable, distributed, resilient operation of LoRaWAN networks and end-to-end applications.

LORIOT operates a world-wide geographically distributed server infrastructure that delivers low-latency access to LoRaWAN network and data management services. The infrastructure enables Loriot's users to deliver convincing Proof-of-Concept projects with extremely shortened time to market, minimized development effort, and fast return on investment. Clear path from PoC to large-scale network is available through the options single-tenant managed services and the option of software licensing of the LoRaWAN managment software.

Loriot works closely with LoRa gateway and end-device / sensor manufacturers to ensure high quality and compliance with security standards of complete LoRaWAN-based end-to-end application.

Loriot Contact

Vit Prajzler, Chief Executive Officer
Phone: +41
E-Mail: vit