Loriot integrates Azure IoT Hub for real-time data streaming

Thalwil, Switzerland - March 29th, 2016 - IoT data from Loriot powered LoRaWAN networks can now seamlessly output their data directly to Microsoft's Azure IoT Hub service.

Loriot can now act as a protocol gateway for any system already running in the Azure cloud. The seamless integration with the IoT Hub service allows any user to receive LoRaWAN data the same way he would receive it from a device that is connected to Internet over WiFi or 3G.

The complexity of setting up an end-to-end LoRaWAN application is significantly reduced thanks to the seamless integration, and doesn't require any development effort on the customer side.

The added value of Loriot is the gateway and device management platform, with strong focus on security. The Loriot platform guarantees that all data that make it into the IoT Hub are authentic and haven't been in any way tampered with.

Furthermore, Loriot can offer the hosting of a LoRaWAN Application Server within the Azure IoT, which allows even higher level of security through end-to-end encryption of data. Additionally, this integration allows for the Over-the-air Activation to be authorized through applications running in the Azure IoT environment.

The complementary services provided by Azure can be easily bundled together to deliver a full-featured IoT application, including data storage, data analytics, and publish-subscribe data delivery.

The cloud to cloud interfaces are simplifying the setup of end-to-end Internet of Things applications. The integration of Loriot with Azure IoT Hub is a significant milestone in IoT system integration and allows all Azure users to use LoRaWAN as a connection method for their sensor devices.


About Loriot

LORIOT is a Swiss start-up in the field of Internet of Things. Its core product today is software for secure, scalable, distributed, resilient operation of LoRaWAN networks and end-to-end applications.

LORIOT operates a world-wide geographically distributed server infrastructure that delivers low-latency access to LoRaWAN network and data management services. The infrastructure enables Loriot's users to deliver convincing Proof-of-Concept projects with extremely shortened time to market, minimized development effort, and fast return on investment. Clear path from PoC to large-scale network is available through the options single-tenant managed services and the option of software licensing of the LoRaWAN managment software.

Loriot works closely with LoRa gateway and end-device / sensor manufacturers to ensure high quality and compliance with security standards of complete LoRaWAN-based end-to-end application.

Loriot Contact

Vit Prajzler, Chief Executive Officer
Phone: +41
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